30TH MAY              HYDE ABBEY           AWAY Nina, Jenny, Margaret & Jackie, Chris B, GillB  LOST 11-49

6TH JUNE              ATHERLEY                 HOME Mairi, Jenny, Margaret & Rosemary, Chris B , Gill B WON 61-30

13TH JUNE            FOLLAND                  AWAY  Rosemary,  Chris B, Gill  B& Jackie, Jenny, Marguerite POSTPONED to 22/8/19

20TH  JUNE          BANISTER PARK      AWAY Nina, Chris B, Gill B & Rosemary, Jenny, Marguerite LOST 18-51

27TH JUNE          EASTLEIGH RAIL       HOME Nina, Jenny, Marguerite & Margaret & Mairi, Chris B, Gill B POSTPONED to 15/8/19

4TH JULY              HYDE ABBEY            HOME Nina, Chris B, Marguerite’& Jackie, Jenny, Margaret LOST 20-41

11TH JULY              ATHERLEY                  AWAY Nina, Brenda, Gill B & Mairi, Marjorie, Marguerite

18TH JULY            FOLLAND                     HOME   Chris , Gill B & Jackie, Jenny & Marguerite POSTPONED  to 25th JULY & 13th AUGUST

1ST AUGUST         BANISTER PARK       HOME Nina, Chris, Sheila & Brenda, Jenny & Marguerite WON 45-23

8TH AUGUST     EASTLEIGH RAIL        AWAY Nina, Chris, Gill B & Brenda, Jenny & Marguerite LOST 20-49

13TH AUGUST     FOLLAND                    HOME Liz, Jenny, Marguerite & Jackie, Mairi, Marjorie WON 49-21

15TH AUGUST     EASTLEIGH RAIL         HOME Nina, Chris, Gill B & Jackie, Jenny & Marguerite WON 38-30

22ND AUGUST    FOLLAND                    AWAY Nina, Chris, Gill B & , Jackie Jenny , Marguerite  LOST 15-42

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