As in previous years, each of us is in a squad of four.  In order to ensure that you always have a team of three, please can we ask you to do your best to be available to play each week.  This helps to make easy substitutions if a member of your squad is unable to play for any reason, eg. illness.  If your team cannot find a substitute from your own squad please ask a member of another squad to substitute for you.  It is your responsibility to find a substitute, not Steven’s or Jan’s, but if this proves difficult for you we would obviously do our best to help.

At the end of each afternoon’s play a squad will be asked to check the Clubroom and the kitchen to see that everything is clean and tidy.  This is no reflection at all on anything in previous years, but just good practice that I hope you will see as being in everybody’s interest.  It should take no longer than a few minutes each afternoon.  As I am away until 13 October, I have asked Jan to start a rota for this which will be published in time for the first week of play.  Steven and Jan are responsible for locking up.


Subject to getting enough players we will run two Short Mat Club Leagues again this year.   As before Leagues will be TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY afternoons 1.30 / 3.00 pm.  Each team will play an equal number of early and late sessions.

Leagues will start Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th October 2018 and will run until the end of March 2019.

The League Secretaries are : TUESDAY - Steven Brice, WEDNESDAY - Jan Le Page.


Matches are played mainly at weekends with some evening fixtures, away matches are held in village Halls and are a lot of fun.

The league runs from late September to the end of March (schedule about two matches a Month.

The League Secretary is : Jim Freeman.      

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