Newsletter to all members                                                                                  September 2021

The GPC met on Tuesday 21st September. There are some important dates that were agreed which it is important for you to know or to be reminded of (in date order).

Sunday 10th October is a home Friendly v Braeside.  Thank you to all who have signed up for this; we now have 18 plus one reserve, so we can field six triples teams which is good. Spectators are welcome and it would be good if we could have a volunteer or two to look after the tables and make teas and coffees, please.

 The Short Mat competition starts on Tuesday 12th October.  The draw for the squads will be made on Monday 27th September at 12.30pm and all those playing Short Mat this year are welcome to attend.  24 members, plus 1 reserve, have signed up which means that we can have eight squads of three players, with teams of two playing 3 woods each.  That means no byes and both mats will be used at 11.00am and 1.00pm on Tuesdays.

 Saturday 30th October is the Annual Presentation Dinner. There are still some places available but please sign up by Friday 8th October when the list will close.  If you are a winner or runner-up in any of this year’s competitions and have not yet replied to Guy’s email about medals and trophies, please will you do so asap.  The Short Mats will need to be rolled up and preparation for the evening will start on the Friday afternoon.  Help will be needed and we’ll be asking for volunteers nearer the time.

Wednesday 3rd November is the start of the Inter Club Winter Outdoor Carpet League, so please sign up if you are interested.

 Friday 5th November is the date for our AGM in the Clubroom.  As mentioned in the July Newsletter, the GPC has been discussing amendments to the Club’s Constitution and Rules which were last revised in 2010.  In order to approve any proposed amendments, an EGM must be held and the assent of two thirds of those present is needed.  The EGM will be at 2.00pm, followed by the AGM.  Please do your best to attend.  Our thanks go to Barbara who has offered to serve scones, jam and cream after the meetings.  Reports and proposed amendments will be emailed to all members and paper copies made available in the Clubroom.  Requests for nominations for election to the GPC will be emailed to all members and posted on the Club notice board by Friday 8th October.

The Ladies AGM will be held on Tuesday 9th November at 9.30am.

 On Sunday 21st November we are scheduled to play an indoor Friendly at Palmerston BC (Fareham).  It’s a very enjoyable visit including a good meal afterwards.  Details to follow.

Saturday 27th November is the Christmas Fayre.  More details and requests for help in preparation for the event and on the day will appear nearer the time.  As all of you know, this is a fundraiser for both the Club and the year’s charity, Honeypot.  Several members work hard to make this an enjoyable and worthwhile day, so any offers of help are always welcome – details to follow in due course.

On Friday 10th December at 12.30pm the Club Christmas Draw will be made. Refreshments as usual will be available. Ticket numbers will be on sale from some time in early November.  For those who have joined us since we last had a Draw in December 2019 this is set up to be fun for all members with all sorts of seasonal prizes.

Saturday 11th December will be the first normal social event since Covid stopped such occasions.  We will have fish and chips and mince pies, with a Christmas themed quiz and games of bingo.

We hope to have a Race Night in early 2022.

Saturday 12th March 2022 is booked for a Skittles evening at Brockenhurst BC.  We hope to be able to invite Brockenhurst members to a Curling evening in February.  Details available in due course.

Our thanks are due to Joyce and Keith for organising the social events and the Annual Presentation Dinner.

Thank you to all of you who have signed up for the Club Winter Aussie Pairs Competition.  A Club Winter Pairs competition will be organised, so look out for details of this later in the autumn.

I have begun to contact several local business and organisations to establish interest in playing at summer off-peak times, ie. after 5.00pm and at weekends.  If you know of anybody who may be interested in such an arrangement, please let me know.

With thanks, as always, for your continued support.

Steven Brice President, on behalf of the GPC

Bowls Etiquette

 All of you will have received on enrolment a sheet entitled ‘Bowls Etiquette and how to behave on the Green’.  In recent times we haven’t all been doing what we should and the Committee decided that it would be a good idea to reinforce a few important points for everybody’s benefit and to remind you of some others.  Etiquette refers to the way in which we play the game to ensure enjoyment for everyone and to enable all to have the chance to play their best.

Do not distract bowlers who are bowling towards you, by moving or walking across the end of the rink. Wait until the bowl has been delivered, then move.  It is not good etiquette to interrupt other players when they are on the green, particularly during competitive matches. If you need to speak to players, it should be before or after their game.

Respect and protect the green – the club’s most important asset.  Always wear bowling shoes for both playing and cleaning.  Enter and leave the green by your rink number and use the steps and footpaths – do not walk across the green.

Possession of the rink must always be respected and shall belong to the team whose bowl is being played. Do not distract your opponents’ attention.  Stand well behind the mat or the head, and preferably to one side, keeping still and quiet while others are delivering their bowls.

Questions, information or instructions should only be exchanged while you have ‘possession of the rink’.  As soon as your bowl comes to rest, ‘possession of the rink’ is transferred to the opposing player or team.  The opposing player should not stand on the mat until then.

When at the head, bear in mind that some bowlers like a clear view of the rink markers. Stand behind the head, inside the rink markers, but not obscuring the central rink number. Do not stray onto adjacent rinks.  In sunny conditions, or as the sun sets, avoid standing where your shadow is cast over the jack, making it difficult to see from the mat.  Watch out for any bowls that finish out of play and indicate this accordingly.

Remember that the directions for the skip are only given by the number three in fours matches, or the number twos in triples. Other players should not interfere, unless asked.

The result of each end (including measuring where required) is determined between the number three in fours matches, or the number two in triples.  Other players should not be involved.  Do not disturb the head until the result of the end has been agreed.  The number one on the losing team should collect the bowls using the pusher but other players should help by ‘kicking them in’ while the winning number one prepares the mat and the jack.

And, finally – talk to your own bowls by all means – but do not ‘call’ your opponents’ bowls to go through gaps, to get ‘wicked’, or to promote your own bowls – wishing misfortune on your opponents’ bowls is unsporting.  Commend good shots.  Learn to accept lucky shots, both for and against you – they will balance out in the long run.


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